Got Fruit? Get Help!


Our Picking season is usually from July to Mid November

We will be accepting requests for service from June 15 to a September 15. That gives us 2 months to complete the apples. 

If you miss the date, you can still pick and sort your own apples and call us  for  collection and delivery . We  have trucks  standing by  just for this service!

Pick  up   service is available anytime and you can write off the fairmarket value of your donation. Usually 2.99/lb!

Improve your harvest


Give your tree a Drink!

Watering your tree through winter reduces fruit drop and significantly reduces the amount of yard clean up you will have to do before we come pick.

Pull your hose to the canopy edge and water 15 minutes a month when your sprinklers are turned off. This  is extremely helpful in retaining your root ball which supports the fruit through the hot summer months.


Give your tree a hair cut!

Our maximum picking height is 25 feet. Dwarf trees are preferred and recommended if you plan to plant for donation.  We will pick larger trees but can rarely reach above 20ft. The tree should have significant fruit left to warrant a visit. If you have picked all the fruit below 20 feet, we cannot offer you any additional support. If your tree is large or leggy, prune aggressively. This will improve fruit quality and fruit retention. It will also prevent "self pruning" which is when trees break from too much fruit on the limbs.


Give your tree a sweep!

If you have a tree that fruits heavy with many small pieces of fruit,  you can thin in the summer.  Once fruit has set, usually by June 15, take a broom and gently sweep the branches to remove about half the tiny pieces.  This will drastically improve your harvest and prevent breakage and even reduce pests. 

Control Pests:

Give your tree a beauty treatment!

Clean all fallen fruit and leaves and place codling moth traps for apples and pears in the spring.  These are the most economical way to reduces codling moth or wormholes and will cut your infestation in half for as little as $10 dollars.

You can also do dormant oil or Kaolin Clay spraying.  We recommend organic spraying and recommend using a local tree service. This should happen pre bloom so plan for next year if  you want more complete protection for your lovely fruit!   

It is best to hire professionals to do this if you have the means and are serious about harvesting and donating  premium fruit and don't have the time or ability yourself.  Read  more  here on  the  lifecycle  of  the  codling  moth  and  how  to  disrupt  these  little  fruit  pirates

Clean the picking area:

We do request that the tree area is relatively clean and free of debris, fallen fruit, animal  waste and thorn bushes. If the ground is treacherous, we cannot pick.  Pickers often come directly from their day jobs and are dressed accordingly. If you have had pest problems in the past, we recommend thoroughly cleaning under your tree and hanging codling moth pheromone traps near your tree at first blossom. Hanging the trap in a neighboring tree will draw the moths away from your fruit!

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